FIHI Hosts MSK Domestic Violence Summit 2015

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Join us for our second annual My Sister’s Keeper/Keepers of the Heart Domestic Violence Summit on Saturday, November 14th at 10:00am at Tennessee State University.  The Summit is a partnership between Fashioned In His Image Total Women’s Center, Inc. (FIHI) and Verizon Wireless Hopeline to bring awareness to the issue of Domestic Violence among young people (both male and female) between the ages of 13 – 25.  The theme is, “A Heart Is A Terrible Thing To Waste”.  Last year, over 150 students were in attendance. Presenters include survivors, professionals in the field of Domestic Violence, those who have witnessed and consequently been affected by Domestic Violence and a Q&A panel discussion.  The stats among our young people are alarming and our hope is that we:

1.  Make them aware of the signs of Domestic Violence;

2.  Teach them the signs of being a victim;

3.  Give them strategies on how to get out of a relationship where Domestic Violence exists;

4.  Help them overcome the emotional scars of domestic violence;

5. Recognize healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Registration is free! Contact or call the office at 615-650-7475.





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