My Sister’s Keeper

My Sister’s Keeper (MSK) focuses on the needs and development of teens and college women. The program consist of two groups: MSK-Community (a support and mentoring group for teen girls ages 13-18) and MSK-Collegiate (an on-campus support and skill building network for young women enrolled in undergraduate or graduate colleges and universities).

Each MSK girl and college woman participates in support groups and life skills workshops, mentoring, and community outreach activities. The overall goal of the program is to educate, motivate and inspire MSK participants to live whole and complete lives in spirit, soul, and body. Please contact our office for meeting locations and times.

MSK-Keepers of The Heart(KOTH) Abstinence Education Program

Since 2012, FIHI has served over 1,200 youth through its partnership with Metro Nashville Public Schools and the Tennessee Department of Heath to teach the benefits of abstaining from sexual activity until marriage and to develop character traits that prepare youths for future-oriented goals and healthy relationships. This investment will allow FIHI to increase the number of students served in the schools and colleges and make a viable impact in the community.

Through the partnership, FIHI defined three specific goals for positive change:

  1. Deliver evidence-based, medically accurate abstinence education and mentoring to youth ages 10-19 in their communities;
  2. Educate youth and create an environment within communities that support teens’ discussions about healthy lifestyles;
  3. Promoting behavioral, social and emotional health through a strength-based, positive youth development (PYD) approach;

These messages enable FIHI to maximize student success by creating healthy conditions at school and in the home: abstinence over moderation, intelligence plus character, pursue life purpose, understand who they are, and seek knowledge.  Relationships are developed with students through a combination of activities such as school-based mentoring, which cultivates trusting relationships between adult role models and students and developing pro-social skills in students and a sense of belonging among their peers, families, and communities. The life skills education component of the program addresses the issues self-esteem, coping skills, decision making, and effective communication.

Five Metro Nashville Public Schools provide free in-kind space and assist in recruiting the students that they feel should be a part of the program.  FIHI provides facilitators for educate students.



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