• Operation We Care

    Operation We Care

    Through Operation We Care, members volunteer their time in positive social activities and community service projets. We provide hands on services to individuals, local charities, and community...

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  • Annual Women’s Conference

    Annual Women’s Conference

    Helps empower and celebrate the talent, diversity and strength of women. The Conference features world-renowned speakers and recording artists. Activities consist of keynote speakers, workshops, drama, dance...

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  • Thrust Thursday

    Thrust Thursday

    Thrust Thursday is a series of workshops designed to help women gain valuable knowledge and skills that can be applied to improve the status of their everyday...

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  • ABC’s of Life Summer Camp for Girls

    ABC’s of Life Summer Camp for Girl

    Is a two-week interactive summer day camp for girls ages 10-14. The camp creates an environment that encourages a healthy self-image and promotes team building techniques for...

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  • My Sister’s Keeper

    My Sister’s Keeper

    My Sister’s Keeper (MSK) focuses on the needs and development of teens and college women. The program consist of two groups: MSK-Community (a support and mentoring group...

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