I’m a college student who was raised in a very spiritual family setting. I found that while attending college, you can often find yourself in unsavory and unsafe environments. I found it very difficult to find other students with a background similar to my own. FIHI’s program “My Sister’s Keeper” provided me with a forum to discover those people.

Keisha Gray,

I sent my daughter to the girls’ camp and I was very pleased. Not only was the camp affordable, but the agenda was filled with engaging activities that taught her several things and reinforced others.

Monique Beech,

My sister and I attended the International Women’s Conference and I have to say that we were impressed and fulfilled with the event that FIHI put together. The speakers did an excellent job of empowering women.

Jessica Booker,

Operation We Care presented a great opportunity for me to teach my daughter humility and the power of giving. Kids today have a tendency to get lost in their own privileged world and there are valuable lessons that get lost along the way. I think it’s very important to provide kids today with different perspectives.

Mary Hight,