My Sister’s Keeper

My Sister’s Keeper (MSK) focuses on the needs and development of teens and college women.

The program consist of three groups:

MSK-Community (a support and mentoring group for teen girls ages 13-18)

MSK-Collegiate (an on-campus support and skill building network for young women enrolled in undergraduate or graduate colleges and universities).

MSK – Keepers of the Heart- Abstinence Education Program is offered through a grant from the State of TN Department of Health. We target students in Davidson County schools. The program also includes service learning and skills building activities. Keepers of the Heart (KOTH), is an extension of our MSK program designed to serve middle school students aged 10-17, living in Davidson County. Nearly 1,100 students have participated in the program in the last four years.

The Keepers of the Heart (KOTH) program focuses on two main components:
►creating a structured support group setting that builds a safe, nurturing and caring environment within each classroom site for girls to learn about themselves, life changes and transitions, while offering support to one another,
►conducting life skill workshops about topics on the risk of premarital sex, HIV/AIDS, refusal skills,and making healthy choices.

Each MSK girl and college woman participates in support groups and life skills workshops, mentoring, and community outreach activities. The overall goal of the program is to educate, motivate and inspire MSK participants to live whole and complete lives in spirit, soul, and body. Please contact our office for meeting locations and times.

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